About Me

If I have to pick two things I cannot live without, I would probably pick art and gambling. I know- it’s not really the most popular combination, but it does make sense. I’m Judi- I am a contemporary artist. When I say I’m a contemporary artist, I don’t mean that it is my hobby- I mean that’s how I make my living. It’s not easy to live off the money you can make off art, and when I was in my college days, I turned to gambling.

At first, I was not making too much money. But then, I got good, and I got rich. If you focus on gambling, it is possible for you to make a decent amount of money. I’m not saying that you can learn how to win multiple jackpots, but there is a way for you to win enough to live on. Thanks to online casinos, I’m able to focus on my art, without sacrificing my gambling time.

Here, you will get to know about both my worlds- my life as an artist, and the life that allows me to be a painter.